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Using RxJava with Retrofit2

In this tutorial we will look how to use Retrofit2 and RxJava with each other. We will be using lambda expressions to reduce our boilerplate code. Have a look at this tutorial for setting...

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Java8 Lambda expression tutorial

In this tutorial we will be looking at lambda expressions which are very popular now a days. Lambdas can reduce a lot of boilerplate code like anonymous object creation etc. This tutorial is created...


Video in Android App Splash Screen

In this tutorial we will be adding VideoView in our android apps splash screen. Splash screen is shown when you app starts upon clicking of app icon. Splash screen is generally 2-4 sec long....


Android Image Cropper

Powerful (Zoom, Rotation, Multi-Source), customizable (Shape, Limits, Style), optimized (Async, Sampling, Matrix) and simple image cropping library for Android. Tag : Image Croppers License : Apache License, Version 2.0 Min SDK : 10 Link : Language :...


Android Image Cropping Libraries

In this post we will consider curated list of android cropping library. This can be helpful for people looking for cropping libraries. If you have something to add to collection then please comment.

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Introduction to NodeMCU (ESP8266) – IOT

Today we will be looking one of the popular Internet of Things(IOT) device ESP8266. This small module allows micro-controllers to connect to a Wi-Fi network and make simple TCP/IP connections using Hayes-style commands. What the...


Replace Android AsyncTask with RxJava

Today is the day when we will say goodbye to AsyncTask. It will be replaced by our new friend RxJava which is quite in news now a days. We will be covering how RxJava...

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RxJava Android Tutorials

In this series of posts i will be covering RxJava which can used in android for asynchronous work. It extends the observer pattern to support sequences of data/events and adds operators that allow you...