GifCam – Best Gif Creator-Editor for Android

Gif created using GifCam for Android.

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GifCam is best app Gif Maker, Creator and Editor for android.


You can create gif from various sources like from Camera, from Video, from various selected photos.


Application Features : 

Create Gif from various Sources : Create Gif from Camera, Photos, Other Gifs and Videos.

Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Gamma : You can do basic Image adjustments

Speed Control : Adjust speed of your gif.

Image Filters : Try various image filters like Inverse color, Black & White.

Frames : Apply different frames to your Gif.

Stickers : Add cool stickers to your gif.

Add Text : You can add text with font and text color.

Save as Video : You can save gif as video to share on platform like facebook,Instagram.

Share to all :You can easily share your gifs to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat etc.

ReArrange Images :You can re-arrange photo order in gif. Also you can remove in between frames.

Polished UI : Easy to use polished UI which helps you to easily create Gif.


Technology enthusiast. Loves to tinker with things. Always trying to create something wonderful using technology. Loves coding for Android, Raspberry pi, Arduino , Opencv and much more.

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