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  1. chollie says:

    Why can’t the GoogleApiClient be initialised in the Application class of at least a class that extends from it so it can be used easier throughout the app?

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    thanks your code is very helpful

  3. Andan H M says:

    thank you for the code..every thing working fine but I am not able to get the current location

  4. harsha says:

    what about for android studio

  5. Mayank Badhani says:

    how can we get gender information?

    and how to solve error:cannot resolve UpdateProfilePicTask..???

  6. Raul Rodriguez says:


    I am following your tutorial.

    I have one question, what if I want to place the exit button in another activity? What code would be added in output activity?.

  7. mk says:

    hi ,
    Where to configure client id

  8. Patil R says:

    Where to add CLIENT_ID key in our project?

  9. Ranjan gupta says:

    how to get friends notification

  10. tarun sharma says:

    hi i coded the above but exception has come out is Error inflating class
    where i have to write the client id

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