How to Fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

Smartphones are undeniably great devices, and it’s easy to get swept up in all of the bells and whistles. However, most of us are familiar with at least one annoying aspect of owning a smartphone—that annoying black screen that pops up when you start taking selfies, or when you simply want to take a photo of something. Well, luckily, the fix for this is an easy one.

It’s happened to all of us: you stare at your smartphone’s screen for a few moments, then notice the camera icon has been replaced with a black screen. This is frustrating at first, as you can’t take any photos (and no, you cannot “tap” around the black screen to take a picture). Luckily, though, there is a way to fix this black screen and get your camera working again.

While you’re getting ready for a night out, you pick up your Smartphone to check the time only to discover the dreaded black screen. You’ve just ruined a photo and now you’re stuck with a useless phone. But the truth is, your smartphone doesn’t usually break in a fashion that ruins your photos. Instead, the culprit is usually something simple, like dust or dirt.

Also, Black screens are a common problem on Android or Apple iPhones, especially when the camera is in use. If the camera shows a Black screen, it is possible that your device has been damaged. It might be time for a repair.

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Phone Cameras showing a black screen can be hard to fix

How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

If your photos have suddenly shown a black screen, there’s a good chance that your camera’s autofocus mechanism is stuck. The fix is easy: Turn off your camera, remove the SD card, remove the battery, and then reinsert the battery. Wait for the device to boot back up, and then turn the camera power back on. If the camera still won’t focus, try repeating the process by gently tapping the SD card.

And if your phone camera is still stuck, try removing and putting in the battery again, and as a last resort, remove the SD card and try reinserting it. If these steps don’t work, maybe your camera is out of warranty, so you’ll need to contact your manufacturer.

Camera phones have come a long way. These days, most phones have at least 8 megapixels, and some have even more. But, while most phone cameras are still very good, every so often, one will completely freeze up.

When that happens, sometimes you can force it open by shaking your phone, and sometimes you can’t. And, if it’s the latter, you might just have to figure out the best method of fixing the problem on your own. So here are some methods to fix your camera that show a black screen.

Power OFF and ON your Phone If your camera shows a black screen

How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

Most of us are carrying a camera in our pockets, our bags, or stashed away in our purses—and our phones often serve as our cameras as well. And, while we can take a photo with our phones, the camera app tends to freeze up or crashes. When this happens, the first thing you want to do is power your phone off and see if you can restart it.

Many people use their cell phones more than ever. Cell phones have become so indispensable a tool, that people often forget to power them off and on. For many people, the process is as simple as powering off and back on again. But there are some folks who may not know how to power their phone off, or it may take them longer to power up their phone.

We’ve all been there: your phone is acting up, and the only way to get it back to its “original” state is to hard reset it (or factory reset). Unfortunately, hard resetting your phone means losing all your data unless you back it up first. (If your phone has a Google Account, you can backup your photos, apps, and contacts online.)

Turning your phones off at night is a great way to help keep them safe. Many people don’t turn their phones off. Some even forget to turn their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off. Over time, this can drain your battery quickly since your phone is working to stay connected. So, before you go to bed, take a minute to turn off your phone. To quickly turn your phone off, press the power button, then swipe down on the screen to unlock it.

Save Your Battery to Avoid such issues

How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

Do you know that your smartphone battery dies because of two reasons? One, your phone is running and using a battery, and two, when your phone is locked, it will also be using a battery.

However, unlocking your phone will automatically put your phone into sleep mode and this will immediately turn off your phone, meaning it will use no more battery. So, if you have to step away from your phone for a while, it is best to unlock it so it can quickly go into sleep mode, but if it is running a task, then it should prevent your phone from going to sleep.

Most of us rely on our phones for just about everything. They serve as our phones, our cameras, our alarm clocks, our calendars, our calendars, our sex dolls, our maps, our books, our games, our music, our flashlights, and our clocks.

They’re also our source of entertainment, with dozens of apps installed that allows us to play games, watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, and more. All these consume more battery so give first priority to your battery to avoid a black screen showing when you open the camera.

Remove third-party camera apps If your camera shows a black screen

How to fix a phone when its alarm, ringer, and music won’t work

If your camera shows a black screen, the first thing you should do is remove the third-party camera apps. You need to remove the camera app from your device and restart it. Another solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you own an Android phone, you’ve probably downloaded some fun camera apps for it, too. And if you’ve used those apps, you’ve probably realized that they randomly crash your phone and that your phone doesn’t recognize your camera anymore. If you’re one of the unlucky ones whose phone won’t recognize your camera anymore, don’t panic: you can fix it.

Most Android smartphones come pre-installed with a wide variety of apps. These apps include cameras that are, of course, essential for capturing precious moments and capturing them as artfully as possible. But have you noticed that sometimes, when you open your camera app, you see a blank black screen?

Having a third-party camera app on your phone probably seems like a great idea—after all, why would you want to limit yourself to just one camera app, when you can have a whole bunch? But what happens when one of these third-party apps takes priority over your camera app?

Unfortunately, some of those apps may not be compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Camera. If you’ve recently installed different camera apps on your phone, and some of your camera features aren’t working, the culprit may be a third-party camera app.

It means you won’t be able to grab a screenshot or take a video. And most third-party camera apps don’t play well with your camera app. So, if your camera shows a black screen, and you have third-party camera apps installed, you’ll want to remove them from your phone.

Soft reset your Phone If your camera shows a black screen

“Soft reset” is a term used in mobile phones to refer to restoring the device to its factory default state. This is done in case the software of your device has become corrupted. Sometimes, handsets come up with software problems.

For example, if you operate the handset for a long time without shutting it down, the firmware might become corrupted. If the phone also becomes unresponsive, you can restore it back to its factory defaults.

If your Android phone’s screen goes black, black — not even a white screen or anything — often it’s not the end of the line. A soft reset, also known as a force quit, can get you back up and running.

When your phone goes blank, it’s no fun, but a little patience and a few tricks can help you get back up and running. One of the most common causes of a black screen is camera error, which happens when the camera is unable to focus. The fix is simple: just reboot the camera. You can also restart the phone, or soft reset it, both of which will force the phone to reset but will not erase any data.

First of all, what is a reset? A reset is a factory setting that returns your device to factory condition. It is similar to doing a factory reset but keeps your files, apps, and personal settings intact. A soft reset is like turning your phone on and then holding down the power button for 10 seconds, and a hard reset is a full reboot.

Sometimes your Samsung phone camera just becomes unresponsive and gets stuck. Sometimes, it looks like it’s stuck, but a quick hard reset does the trick and the camera starts working again. Other times, it gets stuck and unresponsive, so the only way to get it to work again is to do a factory reset.’

Here’s an guide on how to backup reset your android smart phone.

Hard reset your Phone If your camera shows a black screen

How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

Learn how to hard reset your phone if your camera shows a black screen. There are many situations that can cause it. If your phone starts to act strangely, you can end up losing important data. This might result from a hardware issue, such as water damage or battery failure. You might also lose data if your phone’s operating system crashes or an application requires an update.

Do you often face this kind of problem? Then you are at the right place, in this article, we will tell you how to hard reset your Phone if your Camera shows a black screen.

A hard reset is a reset of the phone, so basically, all settings will be deleted. This can be used if you have accidentally deleted something really important, or your phone breaks down and needs a fresh start.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your smart-phone just won’t open. It may look like a hopeless case, but there’s a chance that you can rescue it. And before you spend any money on an expensive repair shop, find out how to hard reset your phone. Hard resetting your phone entails turning the phone off completely, and then turning it back on while holding down the Power button.

If your Mobile camera shows a black screen, the best solution is to do a Hard Reset. It means to re-install all the apps and system settings on your Android device to its factory standard. The recovery mode is another option, but it requires Android technical knowledge.

Here’s an guide on how to hard reset your android smartphone.

A hardware issue might be in your phone

How to fix an HTC Android phone that’s stuck on the white HTC logo

If the camera screen on your phone is black, you may be suffering from a bit of hardware failure. This issue, however, is fairly simple to repair, so let’s go over how to fix it. First, make sure your phone is off.

If you’ve run into a hardware issue and your camera’s screen keeps showing a black screen, don’t worry. In this article, I will take you through the steps you should take to rectify the problem.

If the camera screen on your phone is black, you may be suffering from a bit of hardware failure. This issue, however, is fairly simple to repair, so let’s go over how to fix it. First, make sure your phone is off.

(Hardware issue) If your camera shows a black screen, then head into your camera settings menu.

Go to advance settings > Camera.

Now, the camera will format itself and you will be able to use it normally. Sometimes, even the most careful behavior can trigger a hardware issue. As a responsible phone owner, it’s your job to regularly check your phone’s hardware and software to make sure everything is functioning correctly. If you suspect otherwise, you should not hesitate to reach out to a repair technician or take it to a service center.

A hardware issue in your phone can cause a variety of symptoms, such as erratic behavior, sluggish performance, or even a complete failure to turn it on. This is why it’s critical that you know how to troubleshoot hardware issues and troubleshoot hardware issues in your phone when your device is acting strangely.

Recovery Software

You accidentally deleted your photos or videos or you scratched your phone screen and now everything is black. Do you know that you can easily recover your personal files like photos, videos, contacts and text messages using Android Data Recovery?

Android Data Recovery is a professional Android recovery software that is able to recover lost files including text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, music, WhatsApp, etc. from almost all Android phones and SD cards.

One of the more vexing problems you can run into with your Phone is the black screen, which shows up after the camera app opens. It’s usually accompanied by a flashing camera icon, and it’s a problem that requires attention. There are several potential causes for a black screen for the camera, including damaged hardware, software corruption, and, most commonly, a corrupt app.

Here’ an guide on how to save photos and videos from your smartphone to your SD card. 

Enjoy the Solutions

If your Smartphone’s camera displays a black screen after you hit the shutter button, there is likely a problem with the camera itself. If your camera shows a black screen, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, repairing or replacing your smartphone’s camera is not difficult, and you can do it at home.

A Black screen is a scary thing, especially when it happens when you are taking pictures or videos with your smartphone. There are a number of reasons why your smartphone may have a Black screen, and this article is all about discussing how to fix your smartphone if it shows a Black screen. So follow the above solution and get rid of this problem.

When people buy a new Smartphone they figure that their phones’ cameras will last forever. But your Smartphone’s camera, like all electronics, will eventually wear out. And when it does, it’s usually because the camera’s lens broke. Luckily, fixing a broken camera lens in a smartphone is pretty easy, especially when you follow some easy steps.

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