Water or moisture trapped under your phones screen? Do this…

One of the most annoying phone problems is water getting inside your screen and damaging the electronics. But did you know that most phone screens aren’t completely waterproof? It’s not uncommon for your phone to get damp from an unexpected rain shower, or drop your phone in a sink, toilet, or pool.

But phone makers have been putting more and more technology into their phones to make them more durable and waterproof. The problem is that water under your phone screen and touch sensors can still cause problems.

Chances are your kids have been plugging in their cell phones all day, and there’s a good chance your phone isn’t getting this dampness, right? Wrong. If water has gotten under the phone’s screen, it’s a big problem. While phone manufacturers tend to make water-resistant phones (such as waterproof phones), they don’t make waterproof phones. That means the phones you use every day can get waterlogged, which poses a fire hazard.

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Cut the power of your phone

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How many times have you plugged in your phone to charge overnight and woken up to an orange, red, or blue indicator light telling you that it wasn’t charging? Or maybe the battery went dead while you were sleeping. Cutting the power of your phone—whether overnight or when you wake up—is an easy fix that can save you some frustration, and it won’t cost you anything.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Try turning on airplane mode. It’s the same thing as powering off your phone, but a bit more extreme. Airplane mode works like a regular off switch for the device, meaning no data or cellular communication when activated. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power key.
  • When the menu pops up, press the power off option.
  • When the options menu pops up, press airplane mode.
  • Once airplane mode is activated, your phone will restart automatically.

Take all of the pieces off of your phone

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Sometimes, it can all be too much. Your phone might be fast, but heavy as hell, and your battery might be dead, but your phone is so damn cluttered with apps that you don’t know where to even start. But don’t lose hope—we’re here to help. If your phone feels slow and clunky, you might have too many apps. But don’t worry, here’s how to clean up your phone and regain some much-needed space.

If your screen breaks or your phone develops a waterlogged problem, all may not be lost. Instead, you can salvage the situation by carefully taking all of the pieces off your phone and putting it back together. This is not as simple as it sounds, and certain phone models have additional steps to take.

However, it’s critical that you carefully take all of the pieces off your phone, including the battery, because leaving any pieces attached can create additional problems. If you can, take advantage of a warranty repair, but sometimes the repair isn’t covered by your warranty.

Dry your phone to remove moisture

Removing moisture from your phone’s internal components isn’t as difficult as it may seem. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we drop our phone in the toilet or sink, but there are ways to remove moisture safely. Removing moisture from your phone will help remove condensation that causes your phone to fog up.

If you frequently experience this problem, removing moisture regularly will help minimize it. Here’s how to do it. just dry your phone with a rice or hair drier.

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Use a Vacuum to dry your phone moisture

Best ways to dry a wet cell phone

We’ve all been there: you’ve dropped your phone and had it slip out of your hands, crashing to the floor. You pick it up quickly, and as you start wiping off all the dirt and moisture, you realize your phone is covered in even more dirt, and it’s still wet, and it’s a mess. Sound familiar? Well, there is a way to dry your phone using just the vacuum: you just need to suck all the moisture out of the phone.

Cell phones get wet, but it’s not just rain or spilled soda that can damage your phone. When a phone gets wet, the moisture condenses within the electronics, causing corrosion. Even a drop from a rain-soaked shirt can spell trouble, so it’s important to dry your phone as soon as possible with the vacuum.

Use Rice to dry your phone

Using alcohol to fix or revive a phone dropped in water

Life’s little mishaps and emergencies always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. While stuff happens, sometimes it can be better to try to repair rather than replace it. From small chips to water damage, a Rice pack can help dry and protect your electronics.

Get a bottle of generic, white, uncooked, dry rice, then follow the directions on the package to safely and gently dry your device. You’ll feel much better about turning your phone into the repair shop if it’s in a dry bag, rather than an unusable puddle of water.

For lots of people, the hard times they find themselves in often involve an unpleasant phone situation. Maybe your phone is cracked, or maybe you’re just sick of the color and want something new and fresh. Whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, one thing you can do to fix your sad phone is to dry it out with rice.

Use Silica Gel Packs on your phone

Best ways to dry a wet cell phone

Phones are machines, and they need regular maintenance. You can clean the interior of your phone with screens and wipes, but cleaning products leave behind deposits and leave behind streaks, which can make your screen look worse. To remedy this, you can use Silica Gel Pack bags to shield your phone from harmful phone cleaners.

These silica packs are similar to the packets you use to dry out damp clothes: the gel pack absorbs the moisture, helping everything that touches get dry quickly.

Keeping devices charged is a given, but for added Phone life, a silica gel pack could be your best friend. Silica gel is a porous, absorbent material that’s commonly used in science experiments to absorb liquids, and phone users will be happy to know there’s a way to use this dry-aging technology to keep your phone charged.

Use a Desk lamp and or windowsill to dry your phone

Whether you’ve been hit by an unsightly, sticky fingerprint on your precious new Phone, or you have a toddler who insists on rubbing his/her hands all over the screen, the last thing you want is for someone else to accidentally smudge your screen while you’re trying to use it. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this disaster, starting with a little TLC. Here are some awesome ways to dry off your phone. Just Use a Desk lamp and or windowsill to dry your phone.

Cleaning leftover watermarks on your phone

Best ways to dry a wet cell phone

Cleaning leftover watermarks on your phone can make your phone look brand new again. You can clean your phone by gently rubbing off all leftover watermarks. Hopefully, you can find a cleaning solution that is safe for your phone, but if not, you can create your cleaning solution by using vinegar and water.

Start by making sure your phone is unplugged, then pour in enough vinegar so that your phone is completely soaked. Next, gently scrub the marked off with water. Apple users may need to use a rubber bulb eraser or microfiber cleaning cloth. Once you finish up, simply wipe your phone with a dry cloth.

Use isopropyl alcohol to dry your phone

Nothing ruins a great photo faster than moisture or water. The quality of your photo is seriously compromised when water droplets are causing your camera sensor to be saturated with water. You can easily prevent this by making sure your phone is completely dried out before taking photos. A quick way to do this is to use isopropyl alcohol to dry your camera sensor. Isopropyl can also help to fix water-damaged phone screens, as it will dry up the water under the phone screen.

Purchasing a new phone is a big investment, which is why you want to make sure it’s protected. Since iPhones are so popular, you’ll find many people posting about the best ways to clean or protect their phones, and isopropyl alcohol is one of the most popular suggestions.

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Enjoy the clean screen of your phone

Do you spend your day looking at your smartphone? The sharp display and vivid color of the screen make your smartphone a fun part of your daily life. With time, however, you may notice that there is some digital dust accumulating on your screen. This isn’t anything to worry about, however, as there are several easy ways to clean your screen. Some of them I mentioned above.

You probably don’t think about it much, but your smartphone screen can harbor tons of bacteria. Experts recommend wiping down your phone as often as possible to help stop the spread of germs. Cleaning isn’t just for your phone; it’s for your computer and tablet as well. It only takes a few simple steps to help clean each device.

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