SysScope on Android: What is it?

SysScope, also known as system scoper, is a pre-installed system app found on Samsung Android devices. It serves the purpose of monitoring the authentication status of the device for the Android operating system. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of SysScope, its usage, permissions, and the possibility of removal.

What is SysScope?

What is SysScope?
What is SysScope Answered

SysScope, developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., is a pre-installed “Root Detection Application” on Samsung Android devices. It scans and verifies the authentication status of the Android OS running on the device. By checking the root status, SysScope generates a detailed report for developers to assess.

The Purpose and Usage of SysScope:

  1. Authentication and Authorization Verification: SysScope verifies if the Android OS running on the device is authenticated and authorized. It ensures the integrity and security of the operating system.
  2. Root Status Check: SysScope examines whether the device is rooted or not. Rooting allows users to access privileged control over the Android system. SysScope provides information about the root status, assisting developers in ensuring the device’s security.
  3. Communication with Samsung Database: The SysScope app communicates with the Samsung database, receiving feedback from servers to optimize device performance. Other apps installed on Samsung devices can function properly by receiving signals from the Smart Manager.

How Sys Scope Works With Samsung?

Sys Scope is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung devices to monitor the authentication status and root status of the Android operating system. Here’s how Sys Scope works with Samsung:

  1. Verification of OS Status: Sys Scope performs a quick scan of the operating system on the Samsung device to verify its authentication status. It checks if the Android OS running on the device is genuine and authorized. This helps ensure that the device is running a legitimate version of the operating system without any unauthorized modifications.
  2. Root Status Detection: Sys Scope also checks the root status of the device. Rooting is a process that grants users administrative access to the device’s operating system, allowing them to modify system files and settings beyond what is typically allowed. Sys Scope detects if the device has been rooted or if any unauthorized root access is present.
  3. Reporting and Feedback: After performing the authentication and root status checks, Sys Scope generates a detailed report. This report provides valuable information to developers and system administrators, allowing them to assess the security and integrity of the device’s operating system. The report helps identify any potential security vulnerabilities or unauthorized modifications that may compromise the device’s stability or user privacy.
  4. Communication with Samsung Database: Sys Scope facilitates communication between the device and the Samsung database. It sends feedback about the device’s authentication and root status to the servers, which helps Samsung analyze and optimize device performance. This feedback plays a role in enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring the security of Samsung devices.
  5. Integration with Smart Manager: Sys Scope works in conjunction with Samsung’s Smart Manager app. Smart Manager is a system optimization tool that monitors and manages various aspects of the device, including battery usage, storage, and security. Sys Scope provides essential information to Smart Manager, enabling it to make informed decisions and provide users with relevant recommendations for optimizing their device’s performance.

Permissions Required by SysScope:

SysScope app requires certain permissions to perform its functions. These permissions include:

  • android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY
  • android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED

These permissions grant the app access to system information, but they are not considered dangerous or harmful.

Is SysScope a Spyware?

No, SysScope is not spyware. It is a safe and secure app developed by Samsung itself. The sole purpose of SysScope is to monitor the root status of the device’s operating system. As a system-level application, it does not collect or transmit personal data without user consent.

Troubleshooting “Unfortunately SysScope Has Stopped” Error:

System apps like SysScope on Samsung smartphones may sometimes encounter errors such as “Unfortunately SysScope has Stopped.” To resolve this issue, clearing the cache of the app can often be effective. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Navigate to the eclipse menu (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Show System App.”
  5. Find and open SysScope.
  6. Tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage.”
  7. Restart the device and check if the problem is resolved. It is also recommended to update the app to the latest version to avoid any other errors.

Disabling and Uninstalling SysScope:

  1. Disabling SysScope: While it is not possible to uninstall SysScope on non-rooted devices due to its essential nature, you can disable it through the device’s settings. Open Settings, select Apps or Application Manager, find SysScope, and choose “Disable” to deactivate its functions.
  2. Uninstalling SysScope: a) Using ADB: ADB (Android Debug Bridge) allows direct command access to Android devices. This method requires a Windows PC and USB debugging enabled on the device. Follow the steps:
    • Enable USB debugging in Developer Options.
    • Download ADB on your PC and extract the ZIP file.
    • Open PowerShell in the extracted folder.
    • Connect your device to the PC and run the command “adb devices” to verify the connection.
  3. Once the connection is verified, run the command “adb shell” to access the device’s shell.
  4. In the shell, enter the following command to uninstall SysScope: pm uninstall -k --user 0
  5. Wait for the command to execute, and once it’s done, you can disconnect your device from the PC. SysScope should now be uninstalled.

Note: Uninstalling system apps can potentially cause issues or instability in the operating system. Proceed with caution and make sure you understand the potential risks involved.


SysScope is a system-level app developed by Samsung for monitoring the authentication status and root status of the Android operating system on their devices. It is not spyware and does not collect or transmit personal data without user consent. While it cannot be uninstalled on non-rooted devices, it can be disabled through the device settings. If you choose to uninstall it, you can use ADB with USB debugging enabled, but be aware of the potential risks. Remember to always exercise caution when modifying system apps to avoid any adverse effects on your device.


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