Android PopupWindow : Show Tooltip Help Text

PopupWindow is used to show floating view on display at specified position. It’s a floating container that appears on top of current activity. PopupWindow can have their own layout and can be set after inflating with setContentView(View).

Using PopupWindow we will implement Tooltip view. Tooltip view is getting quite popular these days with Android developers. It is used for engaging experience of application user. Like for first installation with series of Tooltip view around different anchor view, you can give a tour of your application.


Sample PopupWindow Application

Update your res/layout/activity_main.xml as below. It will have a button which will act as anchor view for popup window.

PopupWindow will have it’s own custom view. Create new layout file res/layout/tooltip_layout.xml. It will have ImageView to show arrow and TextView to show tip text.

I dont have any png file for arrow in tip layout. We will create our own shape using layer-list. Create file res/drawable/nav_up.xml

For background of TextView as well we will create a shape drawable. Create res/drawable/tooltip_bg.xml

Now we will create a class named which will tailor our need to show tool tip on anchor view. We will show ToolTip on clicking button from main Activity of our application. This button will act as anchor view for it.

We will inflate layout file for Tooltip and set this view to PopupWindow. Whenever showing of Tooltip is required, we will call showToolTip(View). With some calculations based upon screen dimensions and anchor view size, we will calculate x and y position for PopupWindow. Final code will for be as below.

Finally, let’s move to our It will implement View.OnClickListener for button click events. In onClick(), we will show tooltip window.

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