How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

You turn on your phone to check messages and you quickly get an “Emergency Calls Only” message. Don’t worry—this isn’t a sign of an emergency. It means your phone is shut off and you need to turn it back on by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds. After your phone starts, you’ll get a message that says “Emergency Calls Only” and you’ll need to update your phone’s software.

An Emergency Call Only cell phone is a serious problem, and many people want to know how to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only. The Emergency Call Only feature on phones can be a real pain, especially since it prevents the user from making other calls.

It can be frustrating to not be able to contact anyone when you need to, and if you’re locked inside a dangerous location, an Emergency Call Only phone can be disastrous for you. However, it is possible to fix the problem.

Before we begin

Almost everyone has a cell phone, and no matter what the reason, eventually it will stop working. You may drop it in a toilet, get water damage, or accidentally blow out its battery. No matter what the cause of cell phone failure is, the steps to fix it are nearly the same. In this quick guide, we detail how to fix a cell phone that won’t turn on, a draining battery, a broken screen, and more.

Sometimes, we just run into a phone issue that we don’t know how to fix. It doesn’t help us that the manufacturer isn’t on our side. One issue we run into a lot is when a cellphone says “Emergency Calls Only” after we turn it on. It can be frustrating, but here’s the good news: fixing this issue is fairly easy and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Power cycle your cell phone

How to save a phone dropped in water

You read an article that tells you to “power cycle your cell phone if that says Emergency Calls Only” because your phone is corrupted. So, what do you do next? The first thing you have to do is turn off and unplug your phone. Then, remove the battery and put it back in after a minute. You should hear a click.

Next, power up your phone and notice if the Emergency Calls Only message is gone. If it doesn’t, try removing and re-inserting the battery again. You can also try resetting your phone. Press the Power button, select the Settings icon, and select Power off. From there, select Factory data reset.

The second level reset if that says Emergency Calls Only

If you are having issues with your Samsung Galaxy S7, it will more than likely be an easy fix. If you run into a problem that you cannot fix, you will need to perform a series of factory resets to correct the issue. The first factory reset is fairly simple, covering only the settings and not the actual software on the device.

The second factory reset is, however, very important. This factory reset is an emergency reset. This involves resetting the device to its factory defaults. To do this, you need to perform the proper steps. However, if the second factory reset does not work, you will need to perform a third factory reset, which will restore the device to factory defaults again.

Check the SIM card if that says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

When you’re traveling, it’s important not to get locked out of your phone. Checking your SIM card for any Emergency Calls Only messages puts all the phone’s emergency features into effect. This includes the SOS Emergency Call option, which calls 911 and displays your location. Check your SIM card today before your travel to make sure you don’t have any Emergency Calls Only messages.

Many cell phone users have reported receiving text messages from an unknown number that read “emergency calls only, please check your SIM card.” The sender likely meant no offense, but the message can have serious consequences. Cell phone users have reported receiving messages that say “emergency calls only, please check your SIM card.” The sender may have meant no offense, but the message can have serious consequences.

Emergency calls only? Yes, you read that right. Your phone could be showing an Emergency Call Only message because it doesn’t have an active sim. However, it doesn’t have to be an emergency. It could be that your phone doesn’t have a sim card in it. Or it could have a sim card, but it’s not active. Or you might have a different sim card installed on another phone.

When your phone is locked to a 4-digit pin or password, the phone may say Emergency Calls Only. This is typical to prevent unwanted calls, but what do you do if you forgot your password or pin? Thanks to a recent iOS update, you can (and should) check your SIM card to see if your phone is locked.

Phone calls aren’t always reliable, and even an emergency call can get dropped. But eSIMs, which are increasingly more commonplace, allow you to add a local SIM card to your unlocked phone.

The SIM may be a prepaid number or a local number, and it comes with a phone number that you can reach in case you’re ever without service. You can generally find the eSIM option under settings, or on phones that don’t have physical SIM card trays. (If your phone is an older model, you may not have an eSIM option.)

The best way to test a SIM card is if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

If you’re experiencing issues with your SIM card, you might think that it can’t be saved. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case—you may have just run into one of the many network issues or SIM card issues your phone might have. Before you give up on your phone, make sure you don’t do something that could make matters worse. Many phones offer a SIM card tester, where you can test to see if your SIM card is working properly.

Can you test a SIM card? The easiest way to test a SIM card is to insert it into a mobile device. However, if the phone says Emergency Calls Only, the SIM card will not work, and the phone will only display emergency calls. And, of course, if you are testing the SIM card, you should not be making emergency calls.

Check your Location if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

Are you currently locked out of an Android phone? And are you unable to answer calls or send text messages? Are you unable to get online? If so, good news: in most cases, you can quickly regain access to your phone. One common reason you are locked out of your phone is that your phone is set to alert you whenever anyone calls.

If your phone is set to emergency calls only, then any time someone calls you while you are locked, your phone will ring and alert you. Your phone can also do this if the phone is paired with an Apple Watch and both devices are locked.

Search for networks if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

Emergency calls only is a message you get when a call comes in but doesn’t display on your display or dialer. If you have an Android phone, the most likely cause for these messages is a network problem. You’ll want to make sure that the phone is connected to the internet, and that all your networks are configured correctly. If you find your phone says Emergency Calls Only, you can try restarting your phone or restarting your network.

When calling 911 and your phone says “Emergency Calls Only,” there’s an easy way to check whether there’s a network issue. Your phone will let you know if the network is busy or overloaded, and if that’s the case, you can try making alternate calls. If your phone is unable to place calls, you may need to call from another location.

Lost or stolen your phone what you can do

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

Have you recently found that your phone is missing or that it has been stolen? In today’s digital world, losing your phone can be more than just inconvenient; it can mean a loss of important contact information, pictures, and other important data. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try to recover your phone.

These days, having our cell phones is a necessity, no matter where we go. Unfortunately, most of us forget to set our mobile devices down, and if they do, we just don’t always remember to lock them. And phones are expensive! But before you panic, know that losing your phone or having it stolen doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are a few things you can do to get it back, depending on where your phone is.

If your phone is lost or stolen, there are some things you should do right away. First, you should change your phone’s password, plus you should turn off Find My iPhone, which secures your device and helps you find it. Next, you should report it stolen or locked to your mobile carrier, and you should also file a police report. This should officially mark your phone missing, which should help track the whereabouts of your device.

Physical design

If your phone is ringing and it says Emergency Calls Only, there is probably a notification that pops up on the device when it detects that the emergency call is either unaccepted or declined.

This notification, however, does not indicate that the call is declined. Instead, it indicates that the caller is unavailable to receive an Emergency Call. This can happen for several reasons.

The phone in your pocket is many things, but first and foremost it is a phone. Not only can it allow you to send and receive text messages, but it can also make emergency calls. There is a special category of mobile telephones, known as E911, that are designed to function if a user is unconscious or otherwise unable to place calls.

These phones are programmed to automatically send emergency responders to the location of the emergency call. Although E911 phones are programmed to automatically dial 911, the emergency call does not go through if the call is coming from an E911-enabled phone.

Physical or liquid damage is the reason if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a water damaged phone

We live in a time where technology and time have become so advancing that phones now can take emergency calls only. Some phones will dial 911 even if your phone is locked or you do not have service. These phones are designed to keep first responders safe, but sometimes when there is a clear emergency, the phone will ring with the message “Emergency Calls Only.” This can cause some concerns for those living on the fringe of cell phone coverage areas.

If you’ve dropped your phone in water, or it’s in a dusty or moist environment, chances are it won’t work. Physical damage is the reason if the phone says Emergency Calls Only. A damaged screen, malfunctioning battery, or water damage can all cause your phone to stop working properly.

Accidentally spilling water or other liquids on your phone can certainly be frustrating. Most of the time, phone water damage is minor and can be repaired, but you need to learn what to do and not to do in the event of a spill. The first thing you should understand is that water damage is seldom limited to just the phone’s display—it commonly involves other areas where water can get in, including the phone’s circuit board.

Replace the phone if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

There are times when your phone’s buzzing alarm isn’t enough to wake you up—and that means it’s an emergency. My heart skips a beat when my phone rings, but if it has an urgent tone, I can’t ignore it. It could be a missed call, voicemail, or text message, but whatever’s going on, it means I need to find my phone ASAP—unless, of course, it’s my phone that says Emergency Calls Only. Then you need to replace the phone easily if it’s covered under the warranty.

Look Time place and the environment if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

If your phone’s Emergency calls only message pops up, don’t panic. Most of the time, the Emergency calls only message means your phone is confused about which network you’re on.

This happens when your phone is switching between a roaming network (like AT&T while traveling out of the country) and one from your home network. Often, your phone’s Emergency calls only message will go away after a few minutes. But if your phone’s Emergency calls-only message continues to appear, you can try a few troubleshooting steps.

Weather and natural disasters are the reason if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

What is the difference between an Android phone and a Smartphone?

When extreme weather hits, phone networks are overloaded with calls as people try to make emergency calls. As phones are unable to make calls to landlines or cell phones, they will only work if they are physically connected to an emergency call-only line. Such lines can be found in locations such as hospitals, police stations, and fire stations, as well as businesses such as gas stations and restaurants.

While many of us find comfort in our phones, unlocking a phone to call for help during a weather emergency can be dangerous. Phones that display “Emergency Calls Only” often are locked for safety reasons, because first responders may not reach you if your phone is on the other device. As of 2017, only 17% of phones were unlocked.

Weather and natural disasters are the reason if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

The weather and natural disasters are the reason if the phone says Emergency Calls Only. Since the weather tends to go everywhere, it can become a very dangerous thing. If the phone reports emergency calls only, that means the weather conditions are so bad that you cannot make regular calls and you cannot get any help if you need to.

Phones and cell phones are ubiquitous: Most people now spend more than half their waking hours with their heads in their pockets or on their ears. That’s great, right? Convenient and readily available. But what if your phone stops working during an emergency? An earthquake, a hurricane, or a flood could be the cause of a temporarily dropped call.

No, it’s not wrong; it’s just the thing to do. Emergency calls, if allowed, are immensely beneficial to the public, enabling first responders to quickly reach those in need. Studies show it saves lives. But what if a natural disaster or other emergency disrupts service? Most people simply have no choice but to turn off their phone’s emergency calling feature until service is restored.

Software issues if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix an Android phone that doesn’t work right after upgrading

When your phone has been jailbroken, the emergency calls only issue can appear. This occurs because the PRL file on your phone is corrupt. There are two solutions to this issue. The first, and the easiest, is to simply restore your phone to factory defaults and remove the jailbreak. The second solution is to downgrade your phone to iOS 9.2.1 and then restore it.

Time to Reboot

When your phone says Emergency Calls Only, it usually means one of three things:

  • Your phone is damaged and needs to be repaired
  • There’s a problem with your phone’s SIM card
  • Or your phone needs a new battery.


How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

If you’ve tried them all and your phone still says Emergency Calls Only, try this: power your phone off, and then on, while holding down the volume down key. This will force your phone to reboot, and it should be good to go after that. (If your phone still says Emergency Calls Only, try charging it. And if the phone still won’t turn on, it’s possible that the battery needs to be replaced.) If your phone doesn’t reboot, or that “Emergency Calls Only” message persists, it’s time to bring it to a repair shop.

Firmware and software updates issue if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

Yes, Samsung has a reputation in the Android community for releasing software that isn’t fully baked. But before you give up and refuse to update your phone, Samsung has released a software update that fixes the issue. Keep reading to learn more.

Your phone’s software update might need to be reset. This is often the case when your phone is stuck in a boot loop due to an unknown software or hardware issue. After the restart, your phone will begin to sync with its wireless network again, and you’ll be able to access your phone’s data again.

Check your cell phone IMEI if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

If you have an older phone, there is a good chance that your phone carrier supports emergency calls only. This means that if you try to make a call or send a text message, you will receive an error stating that the phone does not support emergency calls. To remedy this, you need to remove the “Emergency Calls Only” label from your phone.

To do this, you will need to open the phone. You can do this by removing the battery and opening the device. Replace the battery and when the device turns on again, you should be able to remove the label. After removing the label, you will need to change your phone’s IMEI, otherwise, emergency calls will not be able to get through.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit unique device identification number assigned to all mobile devices. These numbers are used by carriers, network providers, and handset manufacturers to identify a particular device. If you ever lose your number and it becomes necessary to track your device, the IMEI number will get you started.

When you use your phone to make an emergency call-usually dialing *#06# on your phone-the call gets routed through your phone company. Normally, this routing is not done for non-emergency calls. So, for example, if someone calls you and you answer, you get their number but cannot speak. However, sometimes, this routing is overridden. This can happen when you are traveling internationally and your phone carrier cannot reach your phone.

The IMEI, or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is a unique number assigned to every cell phone, which makes it possible to identify who owns a specific phone. When you dial 611 on your cell phone, it will automatically ask “What is your 10-digit IMEI?” If your phone only says “Emergency Calls Only,” then the owner has either not activated the phone or changed the IMEI number, and can no longer use it.

Glitch bug or virus issue if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

When your phone says Emergency Calls Only, it can be worrisome. However, this mishap isn’t something to worry about. A glitch bug (also known as a software bug) is a technical issue that occurs when a program running on a computer or server does not behave as it should. Normally, glitch bugs are harmless. However, they can sometimes be exploited by hackers.

iOS 12.1.1 was released to address a vulnerability that could allow malicious apps to secretly access user data. Apple recommends all users update their iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers to the latest version, which is available through

Settings>General>Software Update.

However, some users have reported an issue where after installing the update, their phones display an error message that reads “Emergency Calls Only,” preventing users from making and receiving calls—and most importantly, alerting you to potential security breaches.

Maybe there is a battery issue

When an iPhone says emergency calls only, it usually means the phone is locked and can’t be used. The emergency call feature exists so people can reach you if something happens to you, but locking your phone makes it harder to reach you.

The phone will lock up when you pick up or wave your phone near your face, so you won’t be able to check text messages or check to see if any missed calls might have missed you. Unfortunately, if your battery is dead when this happens, you won’t be able to power your phone back up. But there is a way to get someone to call your phone even if someone accidentally locked it: you can clean up the phone.

Additional tips and tricks that MIGHT help

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

Cell phones are an integral part of modern life. They are with us every day, and without them, we would just find ourselves without full communication capabilities. At their best, cell phones allow us to keep in touch with friends, family, and associates. At The Cell Repair Shop, we understand how important your phone is, and we provide cell phone repair services, cell phone batteries, cell phone screen replacements, and other cell phone repair services.

The cell phone is one of the most important possessions a person can have in today’s technologically driven world. It’s where we keep all of our information, and where we can make and receive the important calls of the day. But what happens if it goes down? What do you do if your phone keeps saying “Emergency Calls Only”? Don’t panic! It’s fixable.

Airplane Mode

When you turn your phone to Airplane Mode, you’re essentially turning off all cellular radios. So, if your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or NFC signal are turned off, your phone shouldn’t bother trying to receive or send calls or messages using those networks. But there’s a major exception to this is where your phone still thinks it’s an Emergency Call only device.

This is most commonly triggered by the phone in Airplane Mode due to network issues. When this happens, your phone will switch to Emergency Calls only mode because you need to be able to receive emergency calls. But, if your phone is in this mode, it shouldn’t bother trying to send any messages or calls.

Remove the SD card if the phone that says Emergency Calls Only

If your phone is telling you to insert an SD card, then this means that it has a storage issue. This means the phone has removed some part of the memory that is needed for the operating system, and some files which are needed for the proper functioning of the phone. The SD card is meant for storage, and the phone does not use it. If you want to remove the SD card, then don’t worry. All you need is an SD card reader and an SD card remover.

Many people don’t realize that there is a tiny button inside most smartphones that, when pressed, will erase several gigabytes of data. While it’s very rare for smartphones to be stolen or lost, it’s not uncommon to have an SD card go bad. If this happens to your phone, you can remove the SD card from the phone, which can then either be reformatted in the computer, or a recovery program can be used to salvage the data from the card.

Contact your wireless service provider if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

Cell phones and wireless service providers are teaming up for an important cause. If you have an emergency and need police or fire department assistance, you need to get help fast. Now, in 2019, most cell phones come equipped with an app that automatically connects you to a live operator who can immediately dispatch help. But, do you know how to reach these emergency operators if the cell phone you are carrying says “Emergency Calls Only”?

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which you don’t call 911, but what if the phone in front of you says “Emergency Calls Only”? What if you’re in an emergency and need to call 911, and your phone won’t allow you? There are a few things you can do to resolve this issue.

  • Emergency Calls Only
  • Call your wireless service provider
  • Wait for their response
  • Call back if you still can’t communicate
  • Use the phone

Be patient if the phone says Emergency Calls Only

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

Did you know that if you dial 911 on your cell phone, the system might not recognize your location, even though you dialed the emergency number? Florida law mandates that a caller be able to verify that an emergency call is being made and that the phone is set to the correct region.

That means if your cell phone says Emergency Calls Only, you will not be able to call 911. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do. First, contact your carrier and confirm that you dialed the correct phone number. Second, call 911 and verify that your location is correctly identified.

People have been encountering this error message on their cellphones for years, and while the message itself is usually harmless, it can cause some frustration. The most likely causes of this error message are network congestion or roaming. So, what should you do?

First, attempt to call your emergency contact to see if you can get a signal. If you’re still unable to contact that person, try calling a friend or family member—and if you don’t get anywhere, wait up to a minute. If there’s no signal or your phone says Emergency Calls Only and there’s still no network, you may need to call your provider’s 800 number.

Whether it’s a friend, relative, or neighbor, if you’re experiencing an emergency—even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time—you should, of course, call 911. However, if you’re trying to get hold of a loved one—especially if they’re in jail—you may need to call an emergency number first.

And just because you’re unable to make a phone call doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. If your phone isn’t picking up or is hanging up, try removing the battery and waiting a few minutes before putting it back in. If the issue persists, take it to a repair shop to be examined.

How to fix a phone with No service and Emergency calls only

  • First check your Surroundings means your environment
  • Give it time to Power cycle
  • Pull up the battery if your phone has an option otherwise rebooting is the best option
  • Also, try Airplane mode as I mentioned above
  • Check the SIM which I also explain above
  • Check your Apps if they running properly or not and try to remove unwanted third party app
  • And as I told Reset and Reboot is the best option
  • Contact your Wireless Carrier

Also, know How to make an Emergency calls

How to fix a cell phone that says Emergency Calls Only

Emergency calls only The phone has an Emergency Calls Only warning. This alert appears when the phone detects a large call that is made with an unapproved method. In certain cases, the message may appear because the phone is trying to remind you to switch to the Emergency calls-only mode. Emergency calls-only mode This mode is only available on T-Mobile and Verizon Note 9 devices.

The Galaxy Note 9 has a feature called Emergency Calls Only mode. This is a safety feature blocking off incoming calls from unknown numbers caused by emergency calls like 911, 000, and 000 (in Australia). This feature is only available on T-Mobile and Verizon Note 9 devices. To go to the Emergency Calls Only mode:

1. Open the Phone app

2. Go to the Emergency Calls Only mode icon

3. Tap the emergency calls only mode icon

4. Enter your PIN

You can also read How to fix a phone that’s stuck in Emergency Mode.


The “Emergency Calls Only” message stays in your phone’s memory until the phone is rebooted. There are a couple of reasons why the phone displays this mode. The first is a missing SIM card. A SIM Card is the chip in your phone that stores its phone number and other information. If your phone does not have a chip, the phone will display Emergency Calls Only. The second reason is that your phone’s battery is dead, and your phone is unable to make a contact. If your phone is dead and you still cannot call, then try plugging it into a charger.

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