What is PeopleStripe Android: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious about the PeopleStripe Android application and what it can do for you? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about PeopleStripe Android. From its purpose and functionality to the permissions it requires, we will cover it all. Have you ever wondered if PeopleStripe allows you to change your status or if it is safe to uninstall? We will address these questions as well. So, if you want to stay informed and make the most out of this app, keep reading!

What is Peoplestripe Android?

Peoplestripe Android is an application developed by Samsung. It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to manage their contacts, messages, and other communication features on their Android devices. With Peoplestripe Android, you can easily organize your contacts, send and receive messages, and access various communication settings right from one convenient app. It simplifies the user experience and enhances communication efficiency. As it is a system component, it possesses various permissions required for managing contacts effectively.

What does the Application com.samsung.android.service.peoplestripe do? What is PeopleStripe used for?

The application “com.samsung.android.service.peoplestripe” is a key component of Samsung’s PeopleStripe feature on Android devices. PeopleStripe is designed to help users efficiently manage their contacts by offering features such as contact grouping, tagging, and note-taking. It aims to enhance the overall contact management experience for Samsung users.

What permission do PeopleStripe do have?

PeopleStripe Android app requires specific permissions to operate smoothly. These include camera access for QR code scanning, location access for finding local businesses or events, and storage access for saving user data. Network connectivity permissions are necessary for accessing online services, while device settings permissions enhance the user experience. These are the permissions that peoplestripe has:

  1. android.permission.CAMERA: Allows access to the device’s camera.
  2. android.permission.READ_CONTACTS: Grants read access to the user’s contacts.
  3. android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS: Allows an app to write (modify) the user’s contacts.
  4. android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Enables reading from external storage (SD card or other external storage).
  5. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows writing to external storage (SD card or other external storage).
  6. android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Grants access to precise location information using GPS.
  7. android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Allows access to approximate location information using network or cell tower data.
  8. android.permission.CALL_PHONE: Allows the app to initiate phone calls without user confirmation.
  9. android.permission.SEND_SMS: Grants permission to send SMS messages.
  10. android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS: Allows the app to receive SMS messages.
  11. android.permission.READ_CALENDAR: Enables read access to the user’s calendar data.
  12. android.permission.WRITE_CALENDAR: Allows the app to write (modify) the user’s calendar data.

Is PeopleStripe spyware?

PeopleStripe is not spyware. “PeopleStripe” is a component of Samsung phones, part of the operating system, used to handle contacts and related operations. It is a system-level application that is granted permissions to manage contact data effectively. The app does not collect or share personal data without user consent.

Is it safe to uninstall the App com.samsung.android.service.peoplestripe ?

No. It is not safe to uninstall the app “com.samsung.android.service.peoplestripe.” Since it is a system-level application, removing or disabling it may cause issues with the functionality of your Samsung device. It is recommended to keep the app installed and updated to ensure smooth operation and proper management of contacts on your phone. Unless you have another Contacts app, if you uninstall it you will lose control of your contacts list.


In conclusion, PeopleStripe Android is an application developed by Samsung that offers a range of features to enhance your user experience. It allows you to conveniently manage and customize your contact list, change your status, and access various permissions for seamless functionality. Rest assured, PeopleStripe is not spyware and is safe to use on your device.

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