What to Do if you Ever Drop your Phone in Salt Water

Maybe you can’t stop taking selfies, and you drop your phone into the tub or the ocean. What do you do now? First, don’t panic. Though it is tempting, don’t try turning your phone on, since doing so could damage the circuits and render it useless. Instead, turn the phone off right away, or pull the battery.

Then, rinse the phone gently with clean water. The goal is to remove as much salt as possible since salt water contains electrolytes that can damage the phone. If the phone still isn’t working, put it in rice. Don’t use all types of rice, though. Instead, use white rice, since other types of rice contain substances that can corrode your phone’s circuitry.

Dropping your phone in salt water is bad news, even if you don’t realize it until it’s already ruined. It sounds obvious, but many people don’t just drop their phone in salt water, they drop it in the toilet (and it may already be ruined). So, what should you do if this happens to you? don’t worry just read this article carefully…

I just dropped my phone in Salt Water!

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

It’s summer, which means you’re likely spending a lot of time at the pool or at the beach. Unfortunately, that means you’re also likely going to drop your phone in the ocean at some point. Although a waterlogged smartphone won’t usually immediately die, it can still have a negative impact on the device. Bizarrely, this tip doesn’t just apply to phones. If you’re missing a ring or necklace, it’s still a good idea to dunk it in salt water, because salt water can dissolve some metals.

Try to act fast

If you’ve ever dropped your cell phone or gadget in salt water, you know just how frustrating it can be to get it working again. It often requires just a little more patience than you’d like to invest in something that isn’t working properly. Now, thanks to the new Cell Phone Rain Rescue Kit from iFixit, there’s one less thing you’ll need to be stressed about. This waterproof kit contains everything you’ll need to get your smartphone, tablet or watch back to normal again.

Take your phone out of the salt water!

You love your Phone so first Take your phone out of the salt water, but you were shocked to discover that the salt water you dove into the day before had somehow made it inside. Your Phone isn’t working, and you think you’re left with a single option: buy a new phone. But before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a new phone, consider whether or not your Phone is worth saving.

If you have an iDevice and spent any amount of time at the beach or pool this summer, and it’s even a little bit salty, you probably need to wipe it down as soon as humanly possible. Salt water can damage your phone’s internals, making it so you can’t turn it on. In fact, salt water and electronics don’t mix, period.

Take off all of the removable parts

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

Smartphones aren’t made to be opened with a screwdriver or hammer. We’ve all seen at least one YouTube video (maybe even hundreds) showing people taking apart their devices with nothing more than a hammer.

Take the back cover off of the phone

You have invested a lot of money in your mobile phone or tablet, so you probably want to protect it with a tough and durable case. But chances are good that your phone will still get scratched or scuffed, and that can diminish its overall appearance. You can cover up the scratches

Remove the battery

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

Sometimes the phone won’t turn on, or the battery won’t charge. If your mobile refuses to work, the first thing you should try to do is remove the battery. It’s not hard, and you’ll find the process is surprisingly straightforward. However, if you don’t have the know-how, dial 1-800-Samsung or visit a local repair shop, where professionals can swap out the battery for you.

The battery in your mobile can break anytime. You have to replace it or any other mobile component. So, this is how you can replace the battery of your mobile.

Take it out of its case

Cell phone cases are wonderful accessories, but they can be more than decorative. They can even help protect your phone from harm, and as much as you might love your phone, it’s hardly worth risking damaging it. So, when your phone breaks or you’re just looking for a new accessory, go ahead and grab a new case. Just make sure it’s one that will protect your phone, not hinder it.

Remove the SIM card of your mobile case

How to Spot a Fake Cell Phone

If your mobile case has a slot that accepts SIM cards, then you can remove that slot without compromising your phone. While phone case designers have some leeway when it comes to how much functionality the case retains, you usually can’t remove a slot that is designed to keep your phone safe.

Removing the SIM card from your mobile case can be a hassle, but it can be done. Just insert the tip of the SIM removal tool into the SIM card port until you feel it click. Remove the SIM card and your cards should be ready for use.

Remove the SD card of your mobile case

Flash drives are a dime a dozen, but if your mobile case has a built-in SD card slot, you may not have realized that you can use it to store even more photos, tunes, and movies. While many of today’s phones have an SD card slot — usually located under the battery — you can use any SD card up to 64GB in size. Just remove the SD card from your mobile case and slide it into the slot. If you have an Android phone, (or a Samsung Galaxy phone, which all come with SD card slots), you’ll need to install a microSD card application from the Play Store. (For iOS, just slot the SD card in and go.)

Soak the phone in alcohol

These days, it seems like everything can be turned into a Smartphone accessory. As long as you have the right tools, your phone can be used to solve just about anything, which is why enterprising people have come up with their own solutions to common problems. Be it a Smartphone case to slim your phone down, a projector for movies or Reading Rainbow, or a special stylus for a note-taking app, the world of smartphones is quickly growing to be more accessible.

Some phone accessories are just for fun, like the cases that let you light up your phone with multi-coloured lights, or turn your phone into a portable speaker. But there are some that could really come in handy, like the alcohol phone sanitiser, which promises to kill 99.9% of germs on your smartphone.

We all know what it’s like to lose our phones. It can be humiliating, especially if you’re losing a very expensive device, and you feel helpless. As most of us know, only a small percentage of the world can type on such a device, so the days of roaming around with a phone steeped in alcohol are quickly coming to an end. But long before that, people in China began using alcohol to apparently protect their phones from water damage.

Dry your cell phone or still wet consider using alcohol

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

When your phone is wet, whether you’ve dropped it in salt water or splashed it, the first step should be to dry it out. Clean your phone with a soft cloth or paper towel, then let it air dry. If your phone is very dry but still not working, you may want to consider using alcohol. Alcohol can remove moisture, but it also can damage the phone’s electronics, so test it on a battery before using it.

If you have dropped your phone, you need to know what to do. The first thing you need to do is turn off the phone. Next, remove the battery. Then, remove the SIM card. Next, remove the back panel. Finally, remove the back cover. Now, if the outside of a phone is wet, use a towel to lift it off. If the screen is wet, it needs to be dried.

Why use alcohol to sock your cell phone?

It may not be the most pleasant of activities, but what do you do when you need to hide your phone? But instead of hiding it or destroying it, you instead decide to hide it in an alcohol-filled sock. Yes, this bizarre method of hiding a phone is an actual thing, and it’s apparently very popular at parties.

We’ve all been there: you’re at a picnic or a get-together and your phone battery dies. You quickly run to a local store and buy an overpriced phone charger.

Then, you realize that while the phone battery is charged, it’s useless, since you can’t use it until the battery drains. (Curse you, technology!) So, what do you do? Leave your dead phone at home? No chance. Instead, try soaking your cell phone in alcohol. This quick hack will turn any dead cell phone into a working device.

We’ve covered lots of crazy tips and tricks for preventing your phone from dying, but this one might take the cake. A user on Reddit claimed they were able to stop their phones from overheating and draining the battery by simply pouring alcohol on the phone, setting it aside, and leaving it alone for several hours.

Some claim that the phone will still work after being soaked, but it is unlikely. Another user claimed the phone would still be working after washing it, but again, this is not recommended.

Using alcohol to fix and prevent water damage to cell phones

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

There are a ton of different ways to, well, fix a busted cell phone. You can open up the case, reseat the battery, take the back off and replace it, or you can just chuck the thing in the trash. But if your cell phone is acting up, and you don’t feel like repairing it, try dunking it in some alcohol.

You probably spend most of your time on your phone, whether that’s checking your email, taking a selfie, or checking in on your favourite social media apps. To get the most out of your device, you should periodically take it apart and soak it in alcohol. The alcohol will clean off the dirt and gunk on your phone, which can help it work better and prevent water damage.

Soaking your phone in alcohol

Cell phones have revolutionized our society, allowing us to communicate with one another, access the internet, play games, take photographs, and so much more. Unfortunately, cell phones and their accessories are also notorious for being hot, sweaty, and covered in germs, according to Wired. However, there is a quick and easy way to fight bacteria and germs on your cell phone. Instead of just throwing it away, saturate it with rubbing alcohol and let it sit overnight.

If your cell phone is acting up, it might be time to get it fixed. But what if it’s beyond repair? If you’ve got an Android phone, though, you may be able to bypass the repair shop, extend the life of your phone, and save money with just a few easy steps. Just try to sock your cell phone in alcohol.

It’s no mystery that cell phones get dropped, stepped on, and snacked on by children. And while most of us know we’re not supposed to use the phone in the bathroom, some of us slip and accidentally drop the phone on the toilet. When you’re faced with that problem, what do you do? One of the ideas circulating on Facebook is to soak the cell phone in alcohol.

Your cell phone is dead. You toss it in the trash, then (in what seems like the 10,000th time) ask yourself, Where should I go to find a cellphone repair? Before you go looking for a cellphone repair shop, try soaking it in alcohol first.

Let your phone dry completely

What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

As a cell phone user, you probably go through one phone cover after another maybe you dunk it into salt water. But, did you know that even your newest phone cover can cause your phone to malfunction? phone covers like Otterbox, Lifeproof, and Spigen are not good for your phone because water can get trapped inside them, and once it’s there, it can’t be easily removed.

The best way to keep your phone dry and clean is to dry it fully after cleaning. The best way to dry your phone is to set the phone on a towel, open it up, and let it air dry completely, or place it on a blow dryer set on low heat.

Give it a try

Do you sometimes take your phone to the beach or pool? Then you may want to take a second look at your waterproof phone case. Smartphones are water-resistant, but not waterproof. This means if your phone drops in random water (e.g., a puddle, a lake, a sink, a toilet), you should take it out of the water ASAP. Don’t just let it sit there because your smartphone may stop working if it sinks in liquid. Just try the above methods and you’ll be able to recover your phone soon.

Thanks for reading

While Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone devices are designed to survive an occasional dip in the water, you shouldn’t take chances if their screens take a swim. Luckily, unlike your smartphone, your computer is completely waterproof, meaning it will remain undamaged if dropped in a puddle, pool, or sink. To prevent water damage, it’s generally best to remove the battery before submerging it in the water since moisture can short out circuits.

It’s happened to the best of us, though we’re pretty sure most of us will never drop our phone into salt water. Most of us will probably drop our phone on something dirty; however, salt water can wreck your phone. The first step in repairing your phone is to dry it out. Then, if you’re lucky, all you’ll need to do is remove the battery before tossing it in the trash, as it’s the easiest part to replace. Thank you for reading this informative article.

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Can this fix my phone?

Even if you’re not careful, sometimes accidents just happen. Like when you drop your phone in salt water. Or you accidentally spill it on the bathroom floor. Or you accidentally leave it out on a camping trip. Fortunately, your phone’s “brain” is still fine, and should be able to go on functioning just fine after a salt water dip. The only thing to worry about is water damage, and if you’ve done that, you should be able to recover it by following the above-mentioned steps.


What to do if you ever drop your phone in saltwater

When life throws you a curveball, it can be annoying, but it usually doesn’t have to be costly. So, if you drop your phone in salt water, don’t freak out. In fact, if you keep calm and follow the steps below, you may just save yourself from an expensive repair bill.

One of the worst situations you can ever find yourself in is dropping your expensive smartphone in salt water. It can happen in an instant and soak your phone and the contents inside, rendering it useless. Millions of smartphone users face this reality every year. But take heart, because there are many things you can do to get your phone and data back. Here are simple tips that will help you if you ever drop your phone in salt water.

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in salt water, you might not be surprised to learn that water conducts electricity: the electricity in your phone’s batteries can travel through the water and damage the components. But fear not, this damage is not permanent and there’s really nothing you need to do about it. In fact, there’s actually a pretty easy way to save your phone: just drop it in a bowl of uncooked rice for a few hours and it should work like a charm.

For the latest tips and tricks or to fix any issue with your android smartphone, click here.

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