I have to hold my Charger a certain way to Charge my Phone

If you’ve ever struggled with charging your phone, you know the frustration of holding up your phone to a charger awkwardly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In many cases, you just have to learn the correct way to hold your phone to charge it properly. And fortunately for you, some phone companies have figured out ways to make things a little easier.

Anyone who has had to deal with a broken charging cable knows the frustration of a charging phone. It’s a necessary evil, but infuriating nonetheless. And phone chargers aren’t the only devices that can be finicky. Laptops and computers are notoriously finicky when it comes to charging, and there can be as many issues as there are different devices. The varying problem scenarios.

We all have our secrets when it comes to charging our smartphones. Maybe yours has to do with the way your charger plugs into your phone or how long you leave it plugged in. Or perhaps the way you hold your phone when charging is a secret, too. So, the time has come to reveal your technique for charging your phone or tablet.

Most of us know that keeping your phone in a perfectly upright position to charge it is the best way to ensure it fully charges. But most of us don’t know how to hold our phones in that exact way.

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Check your Charger if it’s Damaged

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

Your charger is an indispensable tool. It keeps you connected and entertained, and gets you through the day. But what happens if it stops working? Physically, that means an inoperable charger can make you late for work, make you miss the news, or keep you from streaming your favorite shows. It can also damage your phone.

When it comes to keeping batteries in electronic devices—from phones to laptops, to wearables—in tip-top shape, keeping them charged is half the fight. But chargers may sometimes malfunction, and thus then batteries stay low. Here’s how to spot a battery issue (and what to do about it).

It’s dangerous to plug in your phone if it’s damaged. Synthetic rubber capacitors inside chargers can burn out, and when that happens, they can leak dangerous dioxins into your electronic devices. Also, there’s a risk of the phone exploding and injuring you.

Most modern devices these days use USB Power Delivery to charge faster. That way you can unplug your charger and instead of it acting too slow, it can charge your phone faster than a standard charger. So it’s important to test your charger periodically to make sure it is working as it should.

If you’re under the impression your charger is damaged, don’t just toss it in the trash. Meet Mr. Fixit and learn how you can check your charger for damage.

Try charging your phone with a different charger

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

Your phone is plugged into the wall. Your phone is plugged into the charger. You charge your phone. You charge your phone again. But your phone still isn’t charged—why? Maybe your charger isn’t compatible with your phone, or the wall outlet isn’t charging your phone. Or maybe the wall outlet isn’t properly wired.

Most of us have our go-to charging devices. For our iPhones, we charge them via the charger that came with the device, while Android phones usually recharge via micro USB cords.

But did you know your smartphone’s charging options go beyond that? By plugging your phone into an outlet equipped with a different charger, such as a high-powered USB charger, you can extend your battery life by up to 20 percent, according to some experts.

Your phone may be charging just fine, but are you getting all the power your phone’s hardware will allow? According to Phone Arena, your phone’s charger has a limited output level. That means if you plug in your phone, and your phone’s charger, with two different chargers, your phone will charge only as fast as the charger it’s plugged into.

For example, if you use your phone’s charger to charge it, and you use a different charger to charge your phone, your phone will only charge at the speed of its charger.

Do you know how people swear by their new Sony charger, the Samsung charger, or the Apple charger? They’re all right, of course—but have you ever wondered what makes one charger work better than others?

And while a more expensive charger might appear to be of better quality, it’s important to choose a charger that’s compatible with your device instead of choosing a charger based on the price alone. Choosing the incorrect charger could lead to damaged phones, and that’s no good for anybody.

If your phone doesn’t not charging maybe it’s a Software or Hardware issue

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

If you think “it’s my charger or my phone that’s malfunctioning” then maybe it’s a Software or Hardware issue. You may have software issues, but hardware is also an issue.

If you are a gamer that likes to use your phone as a controller for your phone, you know the frustration of your phone not charging. This can happen after water damage or due to faulty hardware.

Is your phone not charging? For a time it was a problem with hardware, but now that smartphones have become so advanced they are more software-based. And the software is becoming just as advanced.

If you received a new phone or you upgraded from a previous version of Android to the latest Android version, you may have been disappointed that your phone wouldn’t charge correctly. You probably also noticed that there are two charging ports to charge your phone. One of them has the word “Micro” printed on it. The second one has the word “USB-C” printed on it.

Is your Android phone not charging? Maybe it’s a software issue, not a mechanical one. Software glitches are frustrating, but the good news is they can be fixed easily by updating the software version.

Take it to the service center If your phone doesn’t not charging

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

If your phone is not charging, then take it to the service center immediately and also check if you can claim your phone’s warranty, which can fix your phone at zero cost. It is a serious issue, and if your phone is not charging then you should not be wasting too much time.

If your cellphone has suddenly stopped working, don’t panic. The average smartphone battery has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. So, if your device is a decade old, it is not unusual for it to die on you and not charge.

Also, if you let the battery die completely, it is unlikely that it will recharge to full capacity. So my advice is to contact with service center they will charge something if it’s out of warranty but they take very minimal charge. Don’t panic.

You can take your phone to the service center if your phone doesn’t not charge. The service center will resolve all issues. You can phone the service center number or you can visit the service center. If someone calls on your behalf, make sure to ask who the person is before granting permission.

Are you having problems charging your phone? Are you sick of your charger dying on you and just throwing it away? Well, then you have come to the right place. There are many ways in which you can charge your phone, and with a little common sense, the most simple solution to any charging problem is just to head to a service center.

If your phone is under warranty, you can get your phone fixed at zero cost. Here is a guide that can help you to know what does Phone Warranty Cover & Does not.

Some advice If your phone doesn’t not charging

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Blackberry, or Google Pixel, if your phone isn’t charging up, this guide will give you some helpful tips.

Do you get frustrated when your phone does not charge? It can be annoying, especially when using your phone on an emergency basis. In this article, I will show you how to troubleshoot and fix a charging problem, as well as other phone issues, that you may encounter.

Some advice If your phone doesn’t not charging:

  • The USB port on your phone may be broken.
  • Or the USB port on your phone may be damaged.
  • Or the USB port on your phone may be dirty.
  • And your charger is old.
  • Or your charger is broken.
  • Or your battery is old.
  • Maybe your motherboard is old.
  • Or your motherboard is defective.
  • Or your charger is plugged in the wrong way.
  • And maybe your charger is defective.

If your phone doesn’t not charging and you don’t know how to fix it or how to make your charger work, don’t panic. Replacing the charging port of your phone is a straightforward process, and you should always try that first. If the phone is under warranty, bring it into the store, explain the situation, and it should be repaired for you for free. However, if the phone is out of warranty, the repair could cost up to $200.

Power outage? No problem, if your phone doesn’t not charging simply follow these steps to get your phone charged for next time.

  • Turn off the device
  • Remove and replace the USB connector
  • Remove and replace the charging pin
  • Replace the battery
  • Replace and power on the device

Other issues

I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

You may have to hold your charger a certain way, but in most cases, it’s not because of how you’re holding it. Instead, it’s because of your biological wiring. When it comes to charging your device, your cells need a certain amount of voltage to function correctly (and, well, to stay alive). If your charger isn’t supplying enough voltage, your phone’s battery won’t charge properly.

But, of course, charging your phone isn’t the only thing you need voltage for. Many electrical devices—from microwaves to computers—use electricity to operate. If your voltage is too low, your appliances won’t work as well as they should.

For some of you, holding your charger a certain way to charge your phone is the only way you can do it. This is what happened to me. After much ado, with a healthy dose of frustration, I decided to ask my higher power why I had to hold my charger a certain way.

The answer I received was that I was using an old charger, and it was no longer working. I was given a new charger and instructed to hold it a certain way, and voilà, I was charged.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever found it difficult to get a good charge out of your phone, you’re not alone. We’ve all had the experience of holding our phone a certain way and hearing a “click” as the battery charges—but that’s only the beginning.

There may be several different methods you can use to charge your phone (and different scenarios in which you may want to use them). I have mentioned all the possible solutions you can try one by one.

Cell phones are an amazing invention. They allow us to be constantly connected, and with advances in tech, they are becoming smaller and more efficient. But phones are not perfect, and they are certainly not without their flaws.

Like, for instance, chargers. Most people only use their chargers to charge their phones, but have you ever wondered why your phone chargers have directions on them? Because they need a proper line-to-line connection that is not disturbed by any other wiring issue.

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