My mobile phone was dead on the Charger this Morning. Now it won’t work!

If you’ve ever had your phone die in the middle of charging, you were probably just as annoyed as we were when one of our phones stopped charging yesterday—but we’re pretty sure we’ve never experienced anything quite like this.

For most phone owners, your mobile phone is one of your most important devices. Maybe it keeps you in touch with friends and relatives, provides easy access to important files and information, or helps you stay in touch with work, clients, and colleagues. But what happens when your mobile phone stops working?

Have you ever been struggling to get your smartphone to charge and finally get that 100% battery indicator? It’s a frustrating experience—and that’s because a dead phone battery is a death sentence. But with the right tools, you can stop a dead phone battery in its tracks.

Maybe you’ve encountered this scenario before. Your mobile phone is powered on, but it won’t charge. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from a faulty charger to a dead battery.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get your battery charged again. First, plug the phone into a charger that you know is working properly. Try a different charger if you have one. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can try charging the phone in your car. Most car chargers can charge phones, too.

When you wake up with a dead cell phone in the morning, you immediately reach for the battery. But did you know that you shouldn’t do that? When you insert the battery, you risk breaking the circuit board of the phone. It’s smart to keep the charger in the charger package and to only use the battery that came with the phone.

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Check the outlet if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

Sometimes, your phone goes dead on the charger or won’t charge at all. Before you throw it out, check the outlet if your mobile phone was dead on the charger. Sometimes, the outlet system may put a strain on the charger. So, you need to free up the charger.

If you are a new mobile phone user, you will probably often plug your mobile charger into the outlet, and find that your phone is fully charged, but you are still unable to use it. You tried another charger, but the problem still occurs. The common reason is that the charger is not compatible with the power supply of your mobile phone.

There are many mobile phone chargers on the market, and most of them are not suitable for different models of mobile phones. For example, some mobile phone chargers are not suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note phones, while some chargers are suitable for Apple iPhone series phones.

Your mobile phone runs on electricity, so it’s pretty important to keep it charged. However, it’s rare for your phone to stop working right when you need a charge the most. If you’re one of those people who has to charge their phone constantly, it’s easy to become frustrated with a drained battery, or even have a battery die right before an important meeting or social gathering.

In today’s busy and tech-heavy world, electrical problems are commonplace. That’s why having a reliable electrical repair company on call is so important. Yet, even with all the advances made, some electrical issues can still arise that leave you stranded.

For instance, have you ever left your smartphone plugged in to charge overnight, only to wake up the next morning to find it dead? Or does your iPad simply shut down when plugging in? Disconnecting power from the outlet is a fast fix, but will charge your phone again the next time it’s plugged in.

Pull out the battery if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

A mobile phone battery that is dead on the charger can be revived by pulling out the battery. It is an easy way to fix the issue, which many people experience. But be careful not to damage the mobile phone while you do it.

You’ve checked your charging cable, plugged it in, turned it on, and pressed the power on/off button. Still nothing. You check your phone again, but still nothing. You need to pull out the battery.

Mobile phone batteries don’t last forever. Most last about six months before they need to be replaced. When it’s time to change the batteries in your phone, it can be a very frustrating experience. To take out the battery, you need to press a small button on the side of the phone, which most likely has a “symbol” on it.

The symbol may resemble a lightning bolt, a flame, or a hammer. Once you see the symbol, press it. Some phones have a small hole on the bottom of the phone, so the battery can be pulled out by using a tool to pull it gently from the bottom. Pull out the battery if your mobile phone was dead on the charging time.

If you’re remotely familiar with any modern mobile phone, you know it’s equipped with (almost without exception) a standard micro USB charging port. This means that you can probably plug your phone in to charge it, and it’s safe to assume that your phone will charge (even if it displays the dreaded “getting power” or “charging” icon).

However, if the charging port is damaged, or your phone is simply dead, then plugging it in can be dangerous and can even damage your phone. When your mobile phone is dead on the charger, you should pull the battery out immediately, to prevent damage. It is also important to remember that some mobile phones can be very expensive, so you need to treat them with care.

Apply Windows 7 trick if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

In my previous article, I explained why in Windows 10, when you plug in your phone to charge it, it doesn’t charge, but it does charge if you unplug it and plug it back in. In Windows 7, however, if you plug your phone into a USB port, and the phone is plugged in, it will show as charging, but it isn’t charging. If you unplug it and plug it back in, it will charge, but it won’t stay plugged in. Here’s what I did:

  • Step 1: Download and Install USB Drive AutoMounter
  • Step 2: Create an Unattended Setup File (*.cmd)
  • Then Step 3: Create a Task Sequence (*.tds)
  • Step 4: Create a Boot Image (*.wim)
  • Step 5: Create a USB Stick Step 6: Create a Task Sequence

This trick is so simple and works like a charm. No need for a complicated Google search if your phone is hanging off the charger. Just follow the steps above and get your phone charged in no time.

When you plug your mobile phone onto the charger, the charging process starts automatically. Sometimes, when the phone is fully charged, it turns off automatically. The mobile phone doesn’t turn off, but it stays on charge and does not charge. If you plug your phone into the charger again, the mobile will not charge.

When you charge your mobile phone on an external charger, sometimes the phone begins to charge, but after a while, it dies. To avoid this situation, just press the Windows key + A to open All Apps, and right-click on Power Options, then select Change Advanced Power Settings. Now check the box for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Try another charger if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

If you charge your mobile phone at night, and the next morning it is dead, try another charger. Your mobile phone may be dead because the phone charger is defective, or because the phone charger is not compatible with the mobile phone. Go to your telephone service provider, or visit a repair shop, and have them check your phone charger.

You come home after a long day of work, and your smartphone is dead. Your charger is no help either. Luckily, someone else had the same problem. So, you can try another charger.

Smartphone battery life is not as good as it used to be, especially if you always charge your phone overnight. If your battery dies during the day, don’t panic. It may be a simple fix. Many smartphones use chargers that are inherently slower than more expensive chargers. If your charger is new, it is likely to slow. Try another charger if your mobile phone was dead on the charger.

The charger that you have is having some problems. Your phone is charging but isn’t holding its charge. Phones are powerful, and they can handle a lot of power. But sometimes, the power just isn’t there. If that happened to you, try another charger.

When your mobile phone is dead on the charger, the first thing you think is that the battery is dead. However, it is usually the charging cable that is bad. Just plug and charge your phone to a spare charger. If you found many times that your mobile phone was “dead” on the charger, try another charger to see if it’ll charge. Then buy a spare charger just in case.

Maybe your phone is dead because you left it plugged into the charger all night. Or maybe the charger is dead. Either way, it’s never fun. But before you send it back to the store, try another charger just in case. This trick works for almost every plastic charger, including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

Try a different battery if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

If you’ve ever had a dead mobile phone battery, you know how frustrating and downright annoying it is. No phone means no calls and no texts, and no texts mean no group chats with your bestie and no updates on colleague’s whereabouts. But instead of purchasing a new phone right away, try a different battery. Most mobile phone batteries have a chip inside that ensures you only get the correct amount of battery power.

Generally, we charge our mobile phones with an AC power outlet. However, sometimes when your mobile phone cannot be charged on the AC power outlet, it could be because the mobile phone batteries have drained too low.

If your mobile phone was charging on the charger overnight, and by morning it was dead, you can try another battery. If the charger isn’t the problem, it could be the battery. Mobile phone batteries can die, but you don’t have to throw them away. Junk cell phones get recycled into new things.

Are you frustrated by the fact that your cell phone charger never seems to last as long as it used to? The batteries in your phone are no different, and over time they lose their charge. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your batteries, including cleaning and replacing your battery.

If your mobile phone was plugged into the charger when you noticed it was dead, try a different battery. If a mobile phone is defective, the battery may have no charge. To charge it, use a charger/power bank. Some smartphones, for example, some phones, have a fast battery recharger feature. If your mobile phone is old, use an old charger instead of a new one.

Some smartphones have more than one charger, such as the latest android device. If you plug a mobile phone into a charger, if the battery does not charge or the phone suddenly turns off, try plugging it into a different charger. Or, connect it to the charger without a battery.

Have you checked your charging cable, or your phone, yet? Removing the battery and inserting a new battery could lead to a permanently dead phone.

Try an Alternative Reset if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

The phone is dead. You’ve tried everything. You check the charging cable, you check the outlet, and you check the charging pad. It’s dead. What do you do now? If your battery is dead, you can try a hard reset, but don’t count on it to work every time.

If your phone is frozen, you can try a factory reset, but you’ll lose everything on your phone. And if you’re on a contract, you may not be able to do either without jumping through the phone’s internet connection hoops.

Charging your mobile phone seems to take up a lot of your time. If you forget to charge your mobile battery, you’re not always able to charge it via any outlet. If your mobile battery is dead, you may be left without a phone for a day or more. However, you can reset your mobile phone if it’s dead on the charger. Follow these steps to reset your mobile phone:

  • The power button and volume down button
  • Turn the mobile off
  • Hold down the power button and the volume down button
  • Press the power button
  • Keep holding the power button
  • Keep holding the power button
  • Release the power button
  • Release the volume down button at the same time

Your phone dies, and there’s no charger in sight. You’re certain you’ve used your last one, and there’s no way you’re going to wait hours for a battery recharge. But before you panic, try to find an alternate source of power. For example, try plugging in your laptop or laptop adapter. If that doesn’t work, try plugging in a USB charger or battery.

Just remember to backup your phone every month so you don’t lose your important files after a factory reset. Here is a guide that will help you to backup your phone: How to Backup and Reset an Android Phone

Other options if your mobile phone was dead on the charger

It’s not unusual for many people to find themselves running on fumes these days, with no charger in sight. Cell phones and other tech devices use a lot more power than older appliances, and this can lead to difficulty charging a device. So what do you do if your charger dies while you’re in the middle of something important? Find out here!

Your phone just isn’t charging—you were going to finish that report or just pick up some groceries. Well, it’s time to get creative: you need some options if your cable is dead on the charger, and this guide will help you come up with a few.

If you reached for a charger only to find it dead, your frustration level may be high, but you’re not alone. Over the years, more and more cell phones have been increasing in power, but the charging ports have remained the same. This means you can’t charge your phone faster, and in a time where time is so precious, that can put a damper on your day.

While most of us have reliable power at home, accidents and power outages can and do happen, so it’s important to be prepared for any eventuality. Having a backup charger for your mobile phone at the ready can mean the difference between being without your phone for one day or several days. Some people keep two chargers on hand, just in case.

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly your phone dies. It happens to the best of us, but what do you do when you find yourself without any cell service? Your phone has died, and now you’re stuck. Fortunately, there are a few other options available if your mobile phone is dead on the charger. So, read the article again and you’ll find the perfect solution for it.

If your phone died and won’t power on or charge, here is a guide that can help you fix it: My phone died and now won’t Power on or Charge. Here’s how to fix it.


A dead mobile phone is something that can happen to anyone, but it’s especially frustrating when the battery dies while you’re out and about. So, what do you do if your phone is completely dead? Many modern phones have a battery saver mode that activates when the battery is about to die, but even setting that to max doesn’t always save the day.

We’ve all been there, and thankfully, there are a few things you can do to get your phone back up and running. In this article, I’ll discuss with you how to get your phone up and running again, no matter what the cause.

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